Folger Adam 310-1(X) Electric Strike

Accessories, Documents, Certifications & Listings

Works with Cylindrical and Mortise Locksets with ½”, 5/8” or ¾” Throw Latchbolts

The 310-1(X) series is a 3 hour fire-rated, industrial grade electric strike body designed for extreme heavy duty applications. The all stainless steel construction of this device makes it ideal for strength and corrosion resistance.

Product Features

Standard Features

  • Tamper-resistant, heavy duty construction
  • Constructed entirely of stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Static strength 1,500 lbs.
  • Dynamic strength 70 ft-lbs.
  • Endurance rating 500,000 cycles
  • Adjustable keeper allows for door and frame alignment
  • ½”, ¾” and 1” keeper depths
  • Non-handed
  • Fail secure (standard)
  • Plug-in connector
  • SecuriCare five-year, no fault, no questions asked warranty 

Optional Features

  • Fail Safe
  • LCBMA: Latchbolt & Locking Cam Monitor with Auxiliary Switch


  • .51 Amps at 12 VDC / .25 Amps at 24 VDC



For use with up to 5/8” throw latchbolts (without deadbolt)

½” keeper standard


For use with ¾” throw latchbolts (without deadbolt) on single and double glass door applications with the addition of a third party faceplate.

Works with Rockwood PDU8000 and CR Laurence PA100 Series panic devices when used with ESK Series stop/strike.

¾” keeper standard


For use with both a ¾” throw latchbolt and a 1” throw deadbolt

1” keeper standard


For up to ¾” Pullman style latchbolts

PK keeper standard


For Squarebolt® style rim exit devices

Works with Corbin Russwin® ED4200S, ED5200S and ED5200SA Securebolt™ or Yale® 7150(F), 7250, 7270M(F) Squarebolt® Exit Devices.

SK keeper standard

Patent pending and/or patent

Faceplates & Accessories
  • 152 » Universal mounting tabs
  • 2001-1 » Wire-inn bridge rectifier
  • 2001M » Plug-in bridge rectifier
  • 2004M » ElectroLynx® adapter
  • 2005M3 » SMART Pac® III
  • 2006M » Plug-in buzzer
Certifications and Listings
  • UL 10C fire-rated, 3-hour single door (fail secure only)
  • UL 10C fire-rated, 3-hour double door (fail secure only)
  • CAN4-S104 (ULC-S104) fire door conformant
  • UL 1034, burglary-resistant listed
  • UL 294 (6th Edition) listed
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.31, Grade 1
  • NFPA-252 fire door conformant
  • ASTM-E152 fire door conformant
  • RoHS compliant