Securitron Access Control Board with Fire Trigger

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The PDB-8F8R and PDB-8C8R split a power supply main output into eight fused-or PTC circuit breaker-protected outputs. Each output is individually configurable to respond and react to access control relay inputs and/or fire triger.

Product Features

  • Eight power outputs
  • Eight individually configurable relays with status LEDs
  • End-of-Line resistor master trigger for Fire System interface
  • LED indicator for trigger status
  • Removable terminal blocks for easy connection
  • Easy output individually configurable for:
    > Fire trigger Enabled or Disabled
    > Normally Open or Normally Closed
    > Continuous Output
  • 8F8R can provide dry contacts by removing fuses
  • Relay inputs individually configurable for:
    > Low current open collector
    > Normally Closed switch
    > Normally Opened switch
  • MagnaCare® lifetime replacement, no fault warranty

Specification Data

  • 8C8R offers 1.23 Amp PTC Class 2 power limited outputs
  • 8F8R offers 0.5 Amp fused outputs
  • Uses 20 mA per relay
  • 7 Amp relays


3.73"H x 4.82"W x 0.8"D
3.41"H x 4.49"W

Shipping Weight:
1lb. [0.45 Kg.]


Part # Description
PDB-8C8R 8 PTC Output with Relays, Fire Trigger
PDB-8F8R 8 Fused Output with Relays, Fire Trigger


Patent pending and/or patent