Three things not to miss when selecting an electric strike

Electric strikes can be installed in a wide range of swinging door applications. Consider these factors to help determine the right electric strike for your project.

1. Assess the type of frame and health of the opening
  1. MATERIAL:  Is your door Hollow Metal, Aluminum or Wood?
  2. TYPE:  Is your door hollow or concrete-filled?
  3. HEALTH: Can frame or door irregularities be fixed prior to installation of electric strike?
2. Determine if door assembly has special requirements

 Fire-rated Assembly (NFPA80 Fire Doors)

 Windstorm Resistant (tested to sustain winds up to 150 mph)

 Outdoor Rated (UL 1034)

 Preload Capable 

3. Identify and test existing door hardware
  • Existing locking hardware determines the compatible electric strike and overall function of the opening
  • Make sure existing hardware works properly and is not broken or damaged

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Untitled Document HES 1600 Series HES 1600 Series HES 1600 Series HES 1006 Series HES 1006 Series HES 1006 Series HES 1500 Series HES 1500 Series HES 5000 Series HES 8500 Series Adams Rite 7160 Series HES 5200 Series HES 7501 Series HES 8000 Series HES 9400 Series HES 8300 Series Adams Rite 7100 Series Adams Rite 74R2 Series Adams Rite 74R1 Series Adams Rite 7400 Series HES 7000 Series HES 9500 Series HES 9600 Series HES 9700 Series HES 9800 Series

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